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Summer in the Creek – Losing Innocence

I woke up early but stayed in bed, thinking about Thomas and playing with my cock. Will I lose my innocence today? Yes, I was a virgin, but I was keen to give my virginity to Thomas. Maybe some of my schoolmates are not hostile to me but pretend to be because of the public. They don’t want to be seen socialising with a fagot. That does not excuse some of them from being quite aggressive.

Thomas was one of them, and I could not ever think that he would play with me. Is he gay? Or maybe bi? It was not essential for me too. I was so happy to be with him now and was excited in anticipation of what would happen when we meet again today on the banks of the local creek.

I looked at my cock – smallish, but it did not worry me. Thomas liked it, and that was important. His remarks about it were not hostile.  Maybe he will want to suck my cock if I shave my pubic hair? I had his hair in my mouth, and it was not pleasant having to spit it out.

Shaving my pubic hair for the first time

Yeah, I am going to shave my pubic hair. I went to the bathroom, shaved my pubic hair before showering, and then watched myself in the mirror for a while. My stepfather was already out, and my stepmother was watching TV when I got to the lounge. She told me to have breakfast as usual, and I went to the kitchen more to make her happy than to eat.

Some cereal with honey, and I was fine. Thomas did not say what time he would be coming to the creek. Maybe earlier than yesterday? I did not pack my fishing gear this time on my bicycle—just a towel.

Will he come?

The creek was very fresh that morning. And very green. I looked around and could see where we were lying yesterday as the grass was still pressed to the ground. Then I looked around to see how visible that place would be if someone came. Nobody except Thomas and I was going to that creek but just in case.

I placed the towel in the same place. Should I undress and lay on the towel waiting? No, I am going to have a splash in the creek. I stayed in the water for a while, waiting for Thomas, but he did not come, so I got out, whipped water with the towel, and pulled my jeans on. I could not concentrate on my book. Will he come today, as he said? I took my jeans off again and went for a swim. I wish I got my fishing gear with me in case Thomas does not come.

You are early and swimming nude again” – it was Thomas talking as he was coming through the bush.

He took his top off and then his jeans. This time he was not wearing underwear, and his cock flopped as he pulled his jeans down. I could not help staring at it with excitement. He jumped in the water and splashed some water on me.

You did not tell anyone?” he asked. “I will have to kill you if anyone knows about this” – his voice was solemn

“I promise not to tell anyone. You know I am good with keeping my mouth shut about other things when we were naughty as kids.”

Passionate kisses

This time my cock got hard as soon as I heard Thomas. He was hard when he touched me in the water. He touched my cock and pulled my foreskin that was covering my cockhead.

“Ouch! It hurts if not gentle and slow.”

Stop crying girl

His kiss was passionate. We played in the water like kids for a while then he took me in his arms and walked out of the creek and placed me on the towel.

Did you swallow any of my cum yesterday?”

“Most of it”

How does it taste?”

“Nice and creamy”

Wow, what happened to your pubic hair? You shaved! Wow! Your cock looks even smaller like that. I like it, though. It is practical too. My zipper was pulling my hair on my way here. I don’t think girls would appreciate a guy who shaves, though.”

“I had a lot of your hair in my mouth yesterday when I was sucking you”

You did not complain. I am not going to shave anyway, and you will have to suck it as it is

“I will. Just saying…”

He got down on his knees and told me to lay on my stomach and suck his cock. I was happy to follow his request. He guided my head as he stroked in and out of my mouth. It was not as forceful as yesterday.

Then he started massaging my shoulders, back, and finally, my buns. He spread them, then his finger scratched my balls and slowly pressed on my hole. I often finger myself when wanking, but this was a different feeling. His finger rubbed my spot, and then he pushed it in with some force making me moan and twitch.

Is it hurtful?

Does it hurt you?” he asked

“A little bit if you push hard” – I mumbled while leaking his cock. “I push my finger often when I wank. I like the feeling”

My cock is thicker and longer than my finger. You think it would get in your hole

“Other guys get it so I think it would. They use lubricant and I don’t have that… It would probably hurt a lot…”

You must like pain if you like being fucked. Women also feel some discomfort. You must put up with the pain if you want to be fucked… Would you bleed?

“Oh. Not sure. Hope not…”

Women bleed when they lose their virginity

I did not know what to say and put his cock back in my mouth. I wanked this morning before coming here, hoping it would slow my cumming, and it was working well so far. Thomas pulled his cock from my mouth and laid on top of me from behind. His cock was rubbing my balls and my hole.

Gays fuck doggy style, unlike with girls”, – he said confidently. “With Sophia, I would be in a different position.”

“Gays do the same positions as girls – depends on what they like” – I said a bit unhappy that Sophia was mentioned.

Cool… So you can lay on your back and spread your legs for me to fuck you? How they get cock in that way….” – obviously Thomas did not look at these things on Internet as I have

“They do. Vagina is placed like between our balls and hole…”

He turned me around and I was on my back. He spread my legs and leaned over me. His cock pressed against my hole

Yeah, gays can fuck like that… – he said and pressed his cock against my hole.

We need lubricant

“Ouch! It hurts Thomas! Please…” I pleaded, but he continued his push – “We need something to lubricate Thomas, please…” – He was holding my shoulders firmly, and I could not get out of his grip and continue pushing. Luckily his cock slipped and moved my balls.

What can we use to grease your pussy? Maybe try in the water…” – he was breathing deep and still holding me firm. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the water. I could feel his finger in my hole in the water.

Bend over!” He turned me around, forced me to lean forward, and immediately started pushing his cock into my hole. It was as painful as before, and I cried loudly, pleading with him to stop. He was very frustrated and continued, and then I could feel his cum splashing against my hole.

“You cum Thomas?”

It is your fault!” – he pushed me away and washed his cock before getting out of the creek.

“I am sorry Thomas. I do like you to fuck me, but I cannot. Your cock could not get in. We need some cream…” – I was really frustrated that I could not please him and concerned he might become aggressive.

To be continued…


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