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I am a good farm gay boy Sir – Part 1


This is a story of an Aussie gay boy and his life from innocence to days of love, lust, glamour and adventure. Was I ever a good farm boy? Or was I ever a good boy?

My name is Marcus. I was born in Sydney but grew up on a farm outside Goulburn since I was adopted at age four. My mother gave me away as a baby as she could not take care of me. She died from a heroin overdose when I was two. This should be enough for the time being. I will reveal more as we go.

Summer in the creek – Surprise Encounter

Discovering my body started when I was twelve, if I remember well (it could be a year earlier). Changes were sometimes confusing. Unlike most other boys my age in the area, I had to accept that I was “different”. Since my first thoughts about sex, it was always about boys. It made the whole process more confusing and sometimes scary.

I don’t think that even growing up in a big city would be much easier for someone “different”. In a small town, it isn’t easy. To make things worse, I was very feminine in my manners, which brought the attention of others, even if I was not gay. Well, I was sure from the very beginning that I was.

Although there was no talk about sexuality with my schoolmates at that age, we all were going through the same process and observing others. Some relatively close schoolmates started distancing from me. At first, I did not understand why but then I realised that they don’t want to be seen with someone who (at least) looks very gay.


As time was passing and we moved to the next grade in school, comments started flying about me and sometimes at me. I used to pretend not to notice anything. However, loneliness became part of my daily life. My best friends were two girls from my class. I guess that is kind of normal for most gay boys. I was a good student and was helping them with homework from time to time. However, I craved a friend who is a boy rather than a girl.

Thomas was my schoolmate who lived on a farm next to ours. We were very close friends till last year. He started avoiding me at school but was friendly out of school. Towards the school holiday, he became part of a group of other boys who were verbally abusive towards me. We stopped socialising not only in the school but completely. He was a tall, dark-haired strong boy and I used to imagine being naughty with him when I was playing with myself in bed. His abusiveness turned me off and I started imagining faces completely strange to me.

During summer breaks we did not travel as people in cities do. I was not expected to do much on the farm and had plenty of time. Spent it mostly fishing and swimming in the creek running between our farm and one belonging to Thomas’ parents. Sometimes I went to Goulburn on my bicycle enjoying an 8 km ride but there was not much to do there – at least not for me.

Summer day in the creek

That morning I woke up later than usual and was not sure what to do with myself. It is a school holiday, and I am stuck on the farm and did not really want to jump on my bicycle and ride to Goulburn as it was already hot at 9 am. That left me with one option only – the creek. I packed my fishing gear and jumped on my bicycle and went to the creek.

As usual, I was the only one there and picked my favourite place to start fishing. I also had a book with me. Set my fishing rod with the bite and leaned back against the tree in deep shadow. Flies were annoying, and I could not concentrate on my book.

After a while decided it was time to cool down in the creek. Oh, I did not bring my swimwear, and I stopped wearing undies a while ago. I looked around and could not see anyone. Usually, I am the only one coming here as Thomas’s parents have a swimming pool where we used to swim together during our happy days as mates.

Naked swimming

I took off my shirt and jeans and slowly walked into the water. It was enjoyable. The creek is small, particularly during summer, but big enough to swim a bit. I don’t know how long I was in the water when suddenly I heard a voice. It was Thomas. I panicked and tried to run out quickly and get dressed, but it was too late.

Thomas was standing on the bank right behind me. I was sort of scared. Not from verbal abuses, as I got used to that, but he became pretty aggressive the last couple of months in the school. I avoided him as much as possible. He is more robust than me. Well, I will try to avoid trouble – it is the only thing on my mind.

“Is the water cold enough?”

“Yes. It is quite pleasant”

“I knew I will find you here”

“OK” – I really did not know what to say and was standing in the water.

“You always swim naked?”

“No. I forgot my swimwear today”

Should I get nude as well?

He started undressing and I was preparing for some very unpleasant times. I was a very good runner and could jump out of the creek and try to escape but could not do it because Thomas was standing between me and my clothes.

“Should I get in nude as well? – He asked sarcastically

“It is up to you Thomas” – I managed to say

He took his shorts off and I could see his cock for the first time ever. It was the first time I have seen anyone’s cock in real. I turned my head on the side to stop myself from staring at his cock. It was not fully erect, but it was not soft either. He splashed in the water, went underwater, and appeared right next to me.

“Why are you so scared?”

“Don’t know… Am not…”

“You are” – he said loud and in a commanding way


“Are you a fagot Marcus?”

“I am not. I don’t have any experience…”

“You are, and everyone knows that. Skinny girly boy”

He stepped closer to me and our bodies were touching side by side. His hand touched my cock.

“It feels very little”

To be continued…


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