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Summer in the creek – Tight Foreskin

Boys playing on the towel

I did not know that my foreskin would get so much attention from Thomas. I have never thought about other guys not having a foreskin. The important thing was that he liked it.

He took my hand and placed it on his cock. It was hard.

Do you like it? – he asked

I did not know what to say and stayed silent. He played with my cock while I was standing and shivering, not from the cold water but fear and excitement.

You are uncut,” he said – “My parents got me circumcised when I was a baby”

“My parents did not”

You are not getting hard? Do you ever get hard yet?

“Yes, I do”

You wank often? Do you have any sperm in your little cock? What about your foreskin when you wank?”


I started last year. If I fuck a girl now, I can make her pregnant


Do you have any blankets or a towel


Let’s go out and lay on the towel. The creek is too small for serious swimming”

He took my arm and pulled me out of the water. I was reluctant to get out but did not try to resist. We walked to the tree where my bag was, and I pulled the towel out and spread it on the grass.

“Is it always small and covered with the foreskin” – he asked me as he took my cock in his hand

“I can pull the foreskin back”

I will do that” – he said and started pulling my foreskin back.

“Please slow. It is tight”

Lay down and don’t cry like a baby.”

He likes playing with my foreskin

I did as he said and started feeling that my cock was getting a bit harder as he pulled my foreskin back, and I moaned quietly.

“You are starting to get hard. Your cockhead is so red. Must be because it is always covered with your skin”

My cock quickly became hard. He slapped it and lay down on the side next to me.

Turn towards me. Want to measure cocks” he said firmly

I turned around and I did not feel scared anymore

Mine is an inch longer and thicker,” he said proudly.


Touch it. Don’t be scared”

I took his cock in my hand. It was such an exciting feeling. Am I dreaming? We played with each other’s cock for a while

“Your cock is getting wet. Did you cum?”

“No, it just gets wet when I touch it for a while”

Mine does not. I was reading that vagina gets wet when excited. You must be a girl” – he laughed, but there was no sarcasm in it, and I smiled.

“Did you fuck a girl yet Thomas?

No” – he said after being silent for a while. “Girls in our class are into older boys…”

“Did you ever kiss a girl? I mean like in the movies.”

No,” he said after an even longer silence

Passionate kisses

He pulled me close to him and our lips were very close to each other. He then leaned towards me and started kissing me. First, it was like just kissing but then his tongue pushed its way in my mouth and we were kissing like in a movie.

“It was my first time to kiss like this. Yours too?”

Yes. It is quite easy. Easier than I thought.”

I moved closer, and he started kissing me again with more passion. He held his arms around my waist and touched my buns, and I had my arms around his neck. His arms moved down, and he spread my buns with them. Oh My God…

“I think I am going to cum” – I said with excitement

Don’t cum so quick!” – he said and pushed me a bit away. It worked, and I did not cum, but my breathing was very fast.

“Sorry Thomas…”

I think I cum quick too but not that quick. Are you OK now?”

“Yes, I am fine”

You have not been with other guys yet?


You think about being with guys or girls when you wank?”


I thought so. Do you fuck them, or they fuck you?”

“They fuck me” – I was so relaxed and was not scared to say it!

Predictable” – he laughed. “I dream about fucking Sophia from our class” …” Do I know anyone you dream about fucking you?”


Cool. Who is it?

Come closer

“You” – I said this very quietly

“No! Really?”


He pushed me away and slapped me. I suddenly started feeling scared again and stayed out and quiet. My cock lost erection, and my head was buzzing – what would I do now? Should I try to run away?… Thomas leaned against the tree and looked lost but not angry.

Come closer,” he said after a while. His cock was semi-erect now. I moved closer to him but did not touch his body. – “Closer,” he said and pulled me – “Your cock is soft now

“I am scared – that is why it is soft”

He pulled and started kissing me again while playing with my cock and balls. My erection was back immediately, but it took me a while to completely relax.

You never sucked cock before?


Suck it now!” – his voice was decisive. He guided my head, and his cock was in my mouth quickly. Well, we all have seen some clips on Internet, so I knew what to do. He was pushing it deep into my throat, gasping for the air, and my saliva was dripping from my mouth on his balls.

Thomas started moaning, thrusting in and out faster, and then screamed, and I could feel his cum filling my mouth and going down my throat and dripping out…. He finally stopped pushing and let my head free. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and started whipping his cum from my face.

He wants to see me again

It was sticky and was smelling like mine. He was still breathing deep while resting against the tree. I started wanking and cum with a significant blow spraying over the top of my head – unreal. We lay down next to each other on my towel in silence for quite some time.

I have to rush back home. It is past lunchtime” – he said after getting up and dipping into the creek. His cock was soft now but still impressive. I enjoyed watching him. He dressed quickly and leaned towards me – “I will kill you if you talk about this to anybody! Did you understand?!”

“I will not tell anybody – honest” – He got up and started walking away and then stopped

I shall see you here tomorrow

“Sure Thomas. Have a great day”

He walked away, and I stayed resting against the tree. His cum was dry now all over my face and hair. My cum was also dry all over my stomach, chest, and even hair. I have no words to describe how was I feeling. I was so happy and lazy to move but after a while, I dipped in the creek, washed and dressed ready to go home. Still pinching myself to make sure it was not just a dream. 

To be continued


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