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This is one of the daughters’ sites from the original “gay-guide-Asia-and-Cambodia” site. After eight years of continuous posting that site was unfortunately lost completely. All efforts to revive it have failed. I guess it is cruising happily somewhere in the cyberspace. 

It is time to start everything from scratch. I know it will take some time, but what is the other choice? I learned some things about that trade during eight years of publishing and doing everything else on the site. This is an excellent opportunity to do some things differently and hopefully better. 

 The very first thing I want to start doing is to involve you, people who visit the site. Particularly I want to get Queer Performers to use this site for the promotion of their content. I doubt that some already popular performers will find it attractive but I encourage and invitee new content creators to contact me and to get involved. The site will be commercialised but it is not the purpose for doing this. 

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