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Ten erotic photos of DEWEY BOY – QUEER TWITTER

Meet Dewey Boy – @chastityhead_

My search for interesting queer content creator and performers on Twitter resulted in finding Dewey Boy – @chastityhead_

Before I continue, here is some explanation and history of this search. I started this search and publishing on another Internet Site. Unfortunately, that site was broken beyond recovery and went to cyberspace beyond my reach with the eight years of postings. It took me some time to recover from the shock. I was not sure if I wanted to start it all over again. Finally, I decided to start from scratch. Here is my first post on this new Internet Site. I hope that my old followers will somehow find me. How can you help? Please share this post.

Here is how it all suppose to work. I have created four categories to distinguish between content creators. These categories are based on the number of their followers displayed on their Twitter profile. These categories are as follow:

  1. Queer Twitter Performing Talents – Content creators with less than 25,000 followers
  2. Queer Twitter Incoming Performers – Content creators with 25,001 to 50,000 followers
  3. Queer Twitter Influencers – Content creators with 50,001 to 250,000 followers, and
  4. Queer Twitter Superstars – Content creators with over 250,001 followers

I will create one page with all these “standards” to avoid repeating this on every post. I hope to do that soon. I appreciate your understanding that this site is practically under construction. However, it is publicly available to anyone older than 18 years.

Let’s present Queer Twitter Performing Talent – Dewey Boy

Unless most of other Twitter Queer profiles I have checked so far, he does not seem to be performing on any of the pay-for sites. Or, he is not advertising it on Twitter, which would be very strange.

What do I know about Dewey Boy? Well, not any more than anyone else that noticed his profile. At this point, he has 4,634 followers. Based on some comments he made under his postings, I guess he is a submissive boy. I would be thinking, is here a top or bottom. However, I am sure about some things – he is adorable. I like his body shape. Another thing I am sure about is that he is deeply into having his penis locked in a cock-cage.

I plan to send him a link to this post and ask him for an interview. That way, we will all get to know him better.

Photo of gay - queer - twitter content creator Dewey Boy
I like that slim and smooth sweaty body

Here is the link to his Twitter Profile

Go and visit his profile. I think it is worth it. I will be very happy if he agrees for some sort of an interview with him.

Please let me know what you think about this. Any suggestions are welcome. The comments box is all yours.

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